School: Nart (roll number 11660)

Nart, Co. Monaghan
Mrs Mc Adoo
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0952, Page 207

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0952, Page 207

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  1. Potatoes are grown on every farm in this district. The majority of the farms are small - 30 to 40 acres being the size of most. About 2 acres are under potatoes each year.
    The plough is used for breaking up the ground, the spade is not used at all for this purpose except when a very small portion is being prepared.
    The crop is grown in drills except in the case of a very wet piece of land when it is put in ridges.
    First the land is ploughed. The crop is grown in a field which was in corn the year before. Then it is harrowed after this cultivated. These two operations are done carefully and thoroughly to get the soil as fine as possible.
    Then the drills are opened
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    A. F. M. Mc Adoo