School: Muileann an Bhata (B.) (roll number 16478)

Mullinavat, Co. Kilkenny
Mártan Ó Crotaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0850, Page 117

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0850, Page 117

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  1. Kilbeacon is an old church in the parish of Mullinavat. This is a story about Kilbeacon. There were a few men drinking in a public house in Mullinavat.
    One put a bet of a pound against the other man that he would not go up to Kilbeacon and bring down a skull from the graveyard and the other man said he would go up and they put down the two pound on the table. The man went up to Kilbeacon and the other two followed him. He took up one skull and he heard a voice saying sin é mo ceann fág annsan é. He picked up another skull and he heard the same voice repeated the second time. Then he picked up the third skull and he heard the same voice but he only laughed and said, "how the divil do you own all the skulls?" so without saying any more he left the graveyard and went down to where they were drinking and left the skull on the table and got his two pound.
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    P. Hickey
    Mrs Murphy
    Buckstown, Co. Kilkenny