School: Sriantaigh (roll number 8015)

Sreenty, Co. Monaghan
P. Mac Aodha Bhuí
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0934, Page 226

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0934, Page 226

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  1. An old school.
    There was a “Hedge” school which is sort of shed or hut in Carrickamore, about three hundred yards from where the present school of Sreenty now stands. This was called a hedge school but it really was not in the sense of the word. The teacher was a man called Sheridan and was paid by the English government and was supposed to teach portions of the testimonial from blue books which were supplied free at Shirley’s rent office, on which estate the school was situated. It is said that Sheridan who was a catholic never used these books except on the day of examinations.
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