School: Sriantaigh (roll number 8015)

Sreenty, Co. Monaghan
P. Mac Aodha Bhuí
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0934, Page 217

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0934, Page 217

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  1. The houses long ago were different to the houses at the present time. They were small low houses with only two small (houses) windows, one on the kitchen and one on the bedroom. They had a thatched roof and it was covered with net wire to protect it against the fowl and wind. The thatch they used was rushes and straw.
    In the kitchen beside the fire there was a kind of a bed called a doss. The people kept the fowl in the house also. There was a roost against the backwall where the fowl
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    Brigid Mc Connon
    Ouvry, Co. Monaghan