School: Carrickshedoge (roll number 14996)

Carrickashedoge, Co. Monaghan
C. Ó Conghaile
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0929, Page 183

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0929, Page 183

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    Some years ago a farmer who resided a short distance from Lough Fea Carrickmacross, tried to extend his field...

    Some years ago a farmer who resided a short distance from Lough Frea Lake Carrickmacross tried to extend this field by to king in a fort which adjoined it one morning when his men were engaged at this work they were surprised when they heard the maid as they thought call them to dinner. They were only a short time at work and could not imagine it to be dinner hour "They said their must be a mistake do not dinnear hour yet" and continued on working, They heard the call again with an additional "whats keeping you" "We may go now" said one to the other "there the call again" We may be ashamed of all we have done. On their way to the house they happened to look back and saw a little with something under his arm leaving from where they were working. Where they reached the farmyard they were met by the maid who asked them where they were going as it was on quite eleven o'clock. They remarked "didn't you call us twice" and were surprised to hear she didn't They returned to their work and found a hole as if a crock of gold or some vessel had been removed Many people said it must have been a crock of gold They continued their work and were not again disturbed. This as well as the other story was founded on fact and told by the old people as true.
    Rosheen Bernadette Duffy
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    Rosheen Bernadette Duffy
    Leons Beg, Co. Monaghan