School: Carrickshedoge (roll number 14996)

Carrickashedoge, Co. Monaghan
C. Ó Conghaile
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0929, Page 196

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0929, Page 196

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  1. Basket-making is an old craft which has lingered in this part of the country They are made of rod known as ozeers or willows In this part of the country they are known as sally rods These rods grow in waste places that is not suitable for the growth of other cops They are a great source of income to those who grow them They are thin, supple and easily bent. When they attain a length of five or si feet they are cut and tied in branches. Thye they are put into a damp drain or dyke. bout June these rods are taken out and peeled Then they are streamed before they are made into basket. The stongones are used for making the frame and the fine ones are intertwined in and out through the frame This is continued and the basket is complete
    Very often these rods are split to be made into finer work. These fine baskets are used for going to the marked and the rough ones are used on the farm.
    They are used for gathering potatoes and feeding cattle. Baskets are not used as much
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