School: Carrickshedoge (roll number 14996)

Carrickashedoge, Co. Monaghan
C. Ó Conghaile
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0929, Page 184

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0929, Page 184

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  1. About one hundred years ago there was a large hawthorn bush in the townland of Killigally Magheracloone. It was said to be the largest in the United Kingdom. It grew partly on the bare limestone rocks on a high hill It was there for generations and local people would not dare touch it. It was a landmark which could be seen from many counties around and was known a "Killigally Beg Lone Bush". It was the custom at that time to have a large May bush around which boys and girls danced. They usually vied with each other to see who would have the largest hawthorn May bush being the kind always chosen. A number of young men from Carrickmacross wishing to have the largest came and cut off the main branch and pulled it with ropes into Carrickmacross and erected it close to the old Church year in Magherosa. To their astonishment they did not enjoy themselves dancing and merrymaking around the bush as they usually did as many of them broke their arms and legs while taking it in. During the year many sudden deaths occured among those who had taken part in the cutting of tree. Old people in the district begged them
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    Philip Duffy
    Descart, Co. Monaghan