School: Carrickshedoge (roll number 14996)

Carrickashedoge, Co. Monaghan
C. Ó Conghaile
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0929, Page 179

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0929, Page 179

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  1. Over one hundred years ago a party of men went over to the West of Ireland to buy wool as it could be bought cheaper over there than in these parts. Whehn they were in their hotel lodging house the conversation turned on where they came from. They said they came from a place never Carrickmacross. The maid then spoke and said "do you know a place called Killigally. Well I have been dreaming about it for the past week. There is a field in it called Pairce na tornan and there is a bush it in a certain corner and that under this bush is a crack of gold is hidden. "If I were there I could walk through the field and point out exactly the place where it lies. I have seen it so clearly. The girl was never out of her own parish but she saw this place as vividly in her dreams that she knew exactly where it lay.
    These people were the owners of this place but the desire for money must not have reached such a high pitch as at the present time or they would surely have brought the girl home and made her show them the exact spot. The fact remains that the crock of gold was never got, and lies there to the present day if dreams are true.
    Rosheen Bernadette Duffy
    Barony: Parney
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    1. genre
      1. belief (~391)
        1. folk belief (~2,535)
          1. treasure legends (~7,411)
    Rosheen Bernadette Duffy
    Leons Beg, Co. Monaghan