School: Scoil na Mainistreach (roll number 1793)

Killarney, Co. Kerry
An Br. P.C. Mac Niallghuis
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0455, Page 164

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0455, Page 164

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    the month of May. They usually bring a bottle of water home with them. Remarkable cures are heard after it. Tobar na Molt means the well of the fleece
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  2. There is a gap between two mountains called the Priest's Leap. It is situated between Kenmare and Glengarrif. It is said that a priest leaped it while he was hiding from the Yoemen.
    One day a priest was saying Mass up on one of the mountains outside Killarney. Suddenly a cock appeared a few yards away from him. It crew three times, and as the priest
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      1. historical periods by name (~25)
        1. penal times (~4,335)