School: Scoil na Mainistreach (roll number 1793)

Killarney, Co. Kerry
An Br. P.C. Mac Niallghuis
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0455, Page 048

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0455, Page 048

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  1. Tinkers and tramps do not visit houses which are far from the road as often as houses which are convenient to the road, and as our house is some distance from the main road it is seldom that such persons seek alms or assistance from us.
    Still a few persons who are veterans at the game visit us. these persons are "Mag" Coffey and Paddy o Brien.
    "Mag" is very old now and has been receiving the old age pension for a number of years. When she comes she generally stops for a night or two. During that time she sits near the fire smoking her old dhudeen and she often relates tales of long ago.
    Paddy o Brien does not stop at our house, still he pays us a visit and mends an umbrella for us. When i see Paddy coming I always feel glad, for he has a great deal of stories and songs and the way he tells the stories and sings the songs is a treat. Sometimes gypsies visit us selling small articles such as rings and camphor balls.
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    Mrs D. O Sullivan
    Inchycullane, Co. Kerry