School: Scoil na mBráthar Sligeach (Sráid na Céibhe) (roll number 16585)

Quay Street, Co. Sligo
An Br. Ó Cearbhaill
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0161, Page 231

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0161, Page 231

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  1. There are a lot of different sorts of herbs.
    Black-heads always grow in land that is ran down and sheep are the only animals that will eat them.
    Garlic is a great cure for colds and there is a great strong smell of it. it grows in land that is after been tilled.
    Chicken-head is a sort of a herb and it grows in crop-ground. It destroys land. It spreads very rapidly if not checked in time.
    Dandelion and nettles generally grow along walls and ditches. Nettles are a great food for turkeys when boiled. Rabbits are very fond of Dandelions and dandelions are very good for sores.
    The docken is a sort of a weed and if it gets into land it would be very hard to get it out.
    Water-grass is a sort of grass that grows in water or in a boggy place and some people eat it for the cure of colds it has a very hot taste.
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    1. activities
      1. medical practice
        1. folk medicine (~11,815)
    Mr T. Harte
    Barnasrahy, Co. Sligo