School: Log na nGall (roll number 15663)

Lugnagall, Co. Sligo
Tomás Ó Hodhráin, Bean Uí Hodhráin

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A Local Story about Fionn

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0157, Page 157

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Once upon a time there lived an old lady in a cave on the top of Benbulbin. During the same period there lived a man named Fionn. This wise lady could tell where Fionn was at any time. Three spies came in search of Fionn. But before they came to the part of the country where Fionn lived, the wise lady told Fionn where to hide. She ordered him to get a horse and cart and bring a load of Bonbulbin heather and place it in a hiding place on the sea shore in the form of a bed, and when returning bring a cart of sea shore sand and make a bed of it where he got the heather. Fionn did as he was told, and in the evening he went to the old lady and asked her what he should do now, and she told him be on the sand. Next day the spies came to search for Fionn. They went to the wise lady for information about Fionn This lady never told a lie in her life. She told them that he was lying on the seashore sand. They searched the sea for Fionn

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Anna Scanlan
Lislahelly, Co. Sligo
Tom Mc Guire
Gleniff, Co. Sligo