School: Log na nGall (roll number 15663)

Lugnagall, Co. Sligo
Tomás Ó Hodhráin Bean Uí Hodhráin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0157, Page 130

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0157, Page 130

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  1. Fairy Forts - Lislahelly
    There is a fort in one of our fields. The name of it is a fort. It is situated in the Townland of Lislahelly. There is a ring of earth round the fort. There is a mound in the middle of the fort with a stone on top of it. There are no stones or trees in it. The Danes are supposed to have built this fort. Long ago there were fairies in the fort and they were playing music at night and dancing round the fort. It is said that a man cut some trees in the fort, and that some of his cattle and sheep died and he thought it was the fairies put ill-luck on the cattle and sheep. There are (?) stories (mentioned?) about the townland. There were lights seen long ago in the fort, and a man went to see the dancing. But when he went to the fort there was no sound at all in it. As he was coming home he (saw?) on the road a golden stick. He kept on walking and the golden stick before him on the road. He stooped down to catch it, but the stick used to disappear. When the man reached the house the stick went back to the fort again. The man told the people in the house about the stick, and they said it was a fairy that was after coming out of the fort.
    Information obtained from Mr. Peter Scanlon, Lislahelly, Sligo
    Collected by Peter Scanlon, Lislahelly, Sligo, age 13 yrs
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    1. place-space-environment
      1. legendary and spiritual places (~158)
        1. fairy forts (~5,616)
    Peter Scanlan
    Lislahelly, Co. Sligo
    Mr Peter Scanlan
    Lislahelly, Co. Sligo