School: Na Machairí, Tralee (roll number 16153)

Magharees, Co. Kerry

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0430, Page 081

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Gobs. This game is played first of all the person must have five small stones. Four of the stones must be thrown up and then all of them must be thrown up and bounded together but if one is left out it does not matter. This is called "stone downs". Then three of the stones are put far apart from one another two are thrown up and then they are all bounded together. This is called "gobs". There is also a game played called "picky". First of all there are six squares drawn in the ground. The player must stand on one leg and kick the stone into each square without standing in a line or putting the stone in a line. If this happends the game is useless. There is another game played called the "Spark". This is played by the fireside. One person has a spark. He goes around to all the others and drops the spake into sone ones hand and all the rest must guess in whose hand is it. There is also another game played called V. First of all a crowd of children must put down their fists in the table. One person goes around and he strikes every fist saying The Vingle The Vangle The Goose The Gander comple compla turn about da. Apples and cherries three for a penny, how is the fool to give so many. Grass is green rose is red, here comes Charles noble head. Skipping is another game two people must hole a rope and then a crowd jumps under it and while skilling they repeat a verse saying salt mustard ginger pepper and also cups saucers plates and dishes here comes the man with the calico briches and sometimes they say all in togehter the cows in the meadow when I count twenty the rope byst be empty five ten fifteen twenty. There is also a game calle low gates. First of all a crown of children must sit down in the ground scattered from one another and one says he is first to call. Then that person must call some other one to follow him and they run aound through the children. Then the second one calls soen other one to follow him and son till the game

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Mary Kenny
Barr na Duimhche, Co. Kerry