School: Na Machairí, Tralee (roll number 16153)

Magharees, Co. Kerry

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0430, Page 064

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The Charger was the name of the first ships which was wrecked around here. She was wrecked on November 24th 1890. This ship had a loading of deal boards. She was coming against the wind and her sails got tattered and torn. Then the crew left her only one black cat and afterwards this cat was kept by a Tralee merchant as a souvenir.

The first man that went to her after she wrecked was an Ashe man from Mahrabeg. It was a bright moonlight night and it was also a very fine Winter so that the people of the place had no bother in drawing in the boards and making them up in rafters at the seaside. After the wreckage of the ship a lot of people were in a hurry to her to know which of them would find the Logbook because there was a large sum of money offered for it - and it was this Ashe man that found it. There were police along the strand minding the timber but this did not do because they were stolen in the night. Then the police searched the gardens but the timber that was left was bought up by the Tralee merchants. It was a great year for the poor people because they earned a lot of money rafting the timber. The lights were left lighting in the Charger because the sailors had not time to quench them.
Shortly after there was another ship wrecked called the Port-Yarrock. She was wrecked on the 6th of July 1893. She is said to be a hundred days in the sea. This ship was loaded with copper and the crew had intended

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Mary Kenny
Barr na Duimhche, Co. Kerry
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