School: Na Machairí, Tralee (roll number 16153)

Magharees, Co. Kerry

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0430, Page 080

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playing marbles. There is a line made on the ground first. There is a hole made about three feet away from the line named first a hole. there is another hold made three feet away from that again and then there is a third hold ade three feet away again. Each person that plays has a marble of his own. Each player must pink his marble into the three holes three times to make the game.
Castle Tops. There is a ring made on the ground. Then one of the players spins his top on the ground. Each player spins his own top and if he can not make his top strike the top on the ground, he must put down his own top. It goes on like that until the top that is thrown down goes into the ring. Then each player spins his top into the ring and tries to bring the top inside out and if he takes his own top while it is spinning. The player that owned the top that was brought out of the ring has lost the game.
Toninte. Four players that must play this game. One of them sits down and two more catch him by a hand and leg each. the other player stand with his back turned. The other players start swinging the player they have caught agains the one that is standing.
Pillers. Any number between ten and twenty players can play this game. Each player makes a hole in the ground and the marks it. There is a line made eight feet from the row of holes. The player that owns the first hole get a ball and rolls it towards his. Who ever owns the hole that the ball goes into runs and tries to strike one of the players with the ball.
Collected by Patrick Lynch

Patrick Lynch
Fahamore, Co. Kerry