School: Dealgain (roll number 11770)

Dalgin, Co. Galway
Breandán Ó Riain
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0041, Page 071

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0041, Page 071

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  1. There was once a gentleman who was very clever and he had a boy working for him. This day he had a goose for dinner and the boy eat one of his legs and when the gentleman came in he asked "where was the other leg" and the boy said he had only one. So the next day the boy was driving him out the country. They saw a flock of geese and they were all standing in one leg and the boy said to the gentleman. See how those geese have only one leg. So the gentle-man said "Shull" and they all let down the other leg. Why did you not say that to the one you had for your dinner and he might show you the second leg too?
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    AT0921: The King and the Peasant's Son
    Josie Frawley
    Dalgin, Co. Galway