School: Nead an Iolraigh (roll number 11669)

Cloonlooaun, Co. Galway
Bríd Ní Chadhain
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0006, Page 098

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0006, Page 098

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    An aith a raibh ar muinntir go siadhbhir sáin.
    'gus ní bheith an Madralla ná an Dearg a Baol ann
    Is cuirfimíd oibirt ar ghabhárán
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  2. After his time there was a school kept by the two of the Blakes. They were sisters of the Landlords Miss Emily & Miss Ellen. They taught in an old catholic church which was on the estate and which they had taken for the priests. The walls of this church still remain beside the little by road that run down to the sea to the right of the Hotel gate. The was a cross wall at the head of the church when it was used as a school. Several attempts were made by the Blake sisters to have this cross remove but they were not successful. Each time they got the cross platered over or painted over over, it
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