School: Nead an Iolraigh (roll number 11669)

Cloonlooaun, Co. Galway
Bríd Ní Chadhain
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0006, Page 060

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0006, Page 060

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  1. His real name was John McLoughlin native of Derryherbert. He died in the year 1900. He was a great walker. He had great big feet. He could never get a shoe to fit himself he had to go in his feet.
    He never wore a trousers but a long coat buttoned down to his knees and his hairy legs were bare from that down.
    At that time a mail coach went every day from Renvyle Hotel to Galway and back the next day.
    John McLaughlin said he would beat it walking. He started out walking and took every short-cut he could and they got three changes of horses on the way.
    But still he beat the mail coach. From that out he was let bring the post from Renvyle to Galway, even until the train came to Clifden in
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