School: Aill Bhreac (roll number 12103)

Aillebrack, Co. Galway
Eilís Bean Mhic Chonghaile
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0005, Page 181

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0005, Page 181

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  1. Once there was a boy herding sheep on Blakes farm. His name was Hannraoí. One night Hannraoí heard music of back-pipes playing on the side of Doon Hill. He listened carefully and said to himself, "I wish I could play back-pipes as good as this fairy I hear playing."
    Next morning when Hannraoí was driving his flock of sheep and cattle out a gap he found the most wonderful set of back pipes he had ever seen beside the gap. He put on the back pipes and began to play. He had never any experience and to his great surprise he was able to play any tune he had ever heard before.
    The pipes were fairy pipes. At length his master heard of him and came to hear him. His master and all the people of Errismore praised Hannraoí and his name spread far and near.
    The following summer Hannraoí's master went on a visit to England and he met another gentleman who like himself had also a boy a great piper and had got them in the same way as Hannraoí.
    The two men started to argue about the pipers and at length they started to bet on the pipers. The Irish gentleman bet 10, 000000 on his own piper and the Englishman bet the same on his
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