School: Baile an Doire (roll number 16410)

Ballinderry, Co. Galway
Tomás Ó Maolmhichíl

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Shops Long Ago

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0021, Page 0266

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Shops were very plentiful long ago round this place. There were three shops in Ballinastack, two in Doonbeg and two in Tortbeg. The people bought their goods at these shops. They used to give money to these shopkeepers. These shops were called "Huxter" shops and the ones that sold drink were called "Shebeens". The three shops in Ballinastack were owned by Mrs. Mc Guire Mrs. Piland and Mrs. Carroll. The people of the shop did not sell drink, they only sold small things such as spools of thread, needles, starch, tobbacco, fruit and small drinks.
Outside the church on Sundays fruit and small drinks were also sold. Long ago money was very scarce but things were cheap. The people used to exchange one thing for another long ago. If a man wanted oats he might exchange potatoes for it. People would not buy or sell on Sundays long ago.

Mrs Cullinan
Corrofin, Co. Galway