School: Baile an Doire (roll number 16410)

Ballinderry, Co. Galway
Tomás Ó Maolmhichíl

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Buried Treasure

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0021, Page 0239

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There are not many stories told by the old people about buried treasures, but they say that there are treasures buried in some parts of Ireland. They were supposed to be buried in the time of the trouble in Ireland. They used not bury but sacred vessels such as chalices or valuable things like that.
There is an old castle in fairly good repair situated in a place called Ballinderry. It is said that as late as last year, as a boy named Ryan was looking inside the castle when he found a letter in one of the lower chambers in a hole that was in the wall where rafters were stuck once. The paper that was in it was not ordinary paper, it was like a piece of parchment, and it was of a brown colour. He could not read the writing that was on it, because it was in some foreign language. It is said that he brought it into Dr. Costello of Tuam. He gave him a half-crown for it. It is also said that he made out the writing and that it said that there is a chest of sacred vessels buried in one of the tower chambers of Ballinderry castle.

Mrs Cullinan
Corrofin, Co. Galway