School: St Pappan's, Ballymun

Ballymun, Co. Dublin
M. O' Riordan

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A Fairy Tree

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0792, Page 288

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A Fairy Tree
Years ago my uncle James Murray had a sow which always rested under a lone tree that grew in a grove. One day my uncle cut down the tree. He put it on the fire but when he did so it jumped off. He then put on the pot to keep it on, but the pot jumped off and broke in pieces on the hearth stone. Next he put on the pan which did the same thing and broke also. When he got up in the morning he found his sow and her ten young ones dead. The fairies always have something to do with a lone tree and no one is to interfere with anything belonging to them. There are certain fields that have what is called ‘a fairy pass’ in them.

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Mary Murray
relative (other than parent or grandparent)
Collinstown, Co. Dublin