School: St Pappan's, Ballymun

Ballymun, Co. Dublin
M. O' Riordan
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0792, Page 302

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0792, Page 302

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  1. The Devil breaks the Church Window at Swords
    Years ago there were very few missions in the country and people used go many miles to attend one. Once it happened that there was one in Swords and my grandmother was there. The church was thronged to the door, so that there was not even standing room in it. It was the closing night and the Missioner told the people that the devil might try to raise a panic among them. He told them not to mind if a pane or two of glass got broken or if the whole window came in. When the Missioner was in the middle of preaching a sermon a pane of glass dropped into the church but nobody stirred. Just an odd person could be heard saying, “There it is.”
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    Swords, Co. Dublin
    Elizabeth Fields
    Coultry, Co. Dublin