School: St Pappan's, Ballymun

Ballymun, Co. Dublin
M. O' Riordan
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0792, Page 300

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0792, Page 300

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  1. The Priest and the Ghost
    One night a priest named Father Stafford who lived at Swords was called out on a sick call. He brought his servant boy named James Caffrey with him and together they drove on an outside car the priest on one side and the boy on the other.
    When they had gone some distance of the road the priest asked the boy if he had seen anything. The boy replied “No Father,” The priest then told the boy that he had seen a big dog the size of a horse coming towards them, and when it came close up it passed on the boy’s side and its back must have touched his boots. The priest said that he could not pass his side because he carried the
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