School: Brittas (roll number 12217)

Brittas, Co. Dublin
B. Ní Mhaoldhomhnaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0794, Page 474

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0794, Page 474

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  1. Once there was a man, and his wife, living in a small hut by themselves, and the man found a pen-knife on his way roaming through the fields.
    When he came in, and he said to his wife "I have just found this pen-knife on my journey", and "She said, "That is not a pen-knife, but a scissors", and he said "It was a pen-knife."
    And so they went on, one saying "It was a pen-knife, and the other saying "It was a scissors".
    So, that man was very angry, and threatened his wife, by telling her he would drown her, if she said the word "Scissors, once again.
    She irritated him so much, that he brought her to the river, which was near-by, and threw her in, and as she was drowning, she made the sign of a scissors cutting, and she had the best end of the stick with him.
    There was once a man, and his wife who lived in this house.
    One Christmas they were sitting at the fire and a bird came down the chimney and he said that it was a blackbird and she said it was a thrush so they kept on arguing and she said again "It was a thrush, and he "It wasn't.
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    AT1365B: Cutting with the Knife or the Scissors
    Áine Ní hAnlon
    Brittas, Co. Dublin