School: Brittas (roll number 12217)

Brittas, Co. Dublin
B. Ní Mhaoldhomhnaigh

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Brittas | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0794, Page 386

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The old people around this locality are very good judges of the weather.
They can tell you when there is a change in the weather and when it is going to be fine.
They can also tell when a storm is coming by the moon.
When a ring is around it it shows that we are going to have a storm and when it is far away from the moon the storm is not near.
They can know by the blueness of the sky that we are going to have fine weather.
And when they hear the guinea hens cry we are going to have rain.
When the sky is very red in the evening then the night is going to be fine.

Annie O' Hanlon
Sandybanks, Co. Dublin

What has four fingers a thumb and no flesh? A glove.
What is it that runs and can't walk? A river.
What has heel a foot and no toes? A last.
What a hundred eyes and no nose? A thimble.