School: Béal Átha 'n Fheadha (B.)

Ballina, Co. Mayo
D. P. Ó Cearbhaill
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0146, Page 370

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0146, Page 370

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  1. A Story
    Long ago when the times were bad and the people getting put out for the rent there was a man and he owed the landlord three or four years rent. and the landlord came to him this day and he told him if he would give him a riddle that he could not guess he would let him go with what he owed him. So the man went in and sat at the fire and after him sitting some time at the fire he thought of a riddle. So he had a (yound) young mare in the stable and his mare was taken out through her mothers side. Then he made a pair of stirips out of an ivey bush and put them on the saddle. Then he put the saddle and bridle on the mare and he went riding on the mare. And he rode up to the landlord's door. And the landlord came out and he asked him had he the riddle, so he said he had. "Well" the landlord said "Let me hear it" " Well" he said "Over gravel I did travel, on an ivy leaf I stand I rode the mare that was never foaled and held her bridle in my hand" so the landlord let him go with what he owed him for he could not guess the answer of the riddle which was "his horse"
    collected by
    Bernard Mc Hale (son)
    Hill Street
    Told by
    John Mc Hale
    Hill Street
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    1. place-space-environment
      1. land management (~4,110)
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    AT0851: The Princess who Cannot Solve the Riddle
    Bernard Mc Hale
    Ballina, Co. Mayo
    John Mc Hale
    Ballina, Co. Mayo