School: Béal Dearg (roll number 11582)

Béal Deirg Mór, Co. Mayo
Pádraig Mac Conghamhna
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0139, Page 428

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0139, Page 428

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    phases of exhaustion from hunger. I had a great desire to lie down also and only for I had the bike to act as a kind of support for me I believe I never could lmake the journey.
    From the time I last ate till overcome with hunger was no more thantwo hours at most, and in the usual course I would not feel hungry for five hours after my dinner.
    When I did reach Rossport and got food a few bites banished the craving but a feeling of weakness and lassitude remained with me through the evening.
    It is believed the craving for food is caused by certain plants exhaling poisonous gases, hence the name féar gortach.
    - - - - - -- - - -- - - - - - - - -
    On the east side of Thanney Crag is a little múchán or heap of stones marking the place where a man was found dead of féar gortach.
    Close to Ballinaboy and on the Belderrig-Belmullet road there are two muacháns within a hundred yards of each
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