School: Breac-chluain

Brackloon South, Co. Mayo
Liam Mac Gabhann

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Breac-chluain | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0107, Page 048

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Most of the people in this district have the old fashioned churns. We have one. It is two feet in height and one and a half feet in breadth. We churn once a week. The first thing that people do when going to churn is, to scald it. Then it is put out in the open air and left there for a while. The next day the cream is churned. When it is being churned hot and cold water are added; that is done a few times. When the churning is made my grandmother takes out the butter. First, she gathers it to one side of the churn. Then she takes it out and washes it. Some people, in olden times, put a coal under the churn. This was said to keep the devil away.

Bridie Fahy
Gorteen More, Co. Mayo

We make our own butter in a

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