Scoil: Altóir, Tuar Mór, An Sciobairín (uimhir rolla 12071)

An Altóir, Co. Chorcaí
Henry Evanson

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The Old Altar Ruin

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The old Altar Ruin

There are several historic ruins in these districts around Altar School such as Altars, Castles, and Forts, but themost ancient and important is the old Altar Ruin.
The old Altar Ruin is situated in the town-land of Altar in a nice green field overlooking the sea, about 1/4 of a mile south of Altar School, and midway between Schull and Golun.
This Altar consists of five large stones, four of which are standing on their edge, and the remaining one resting flat on top which gives the ruin the appearance of a large table. It is about 9 ft. long, 4 ft. broad, and 3 ft. high.
This old ruin is covered over with grey moss, so one can gather that it is very ancient. People say that it has been there ever for hundreds of years before the time of St. Patrick.
There are several different beliefs among the people, as to by whom this Altar was buitl.
Some say it was built there by the

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Lillian Jermyn
Gort Tí Eoghain, Co. Chorcaí