School: Tulla (B.)

Tulla, Co. Clare
Ml. Ó Maonaigh

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Tulla (B.) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0589, Page 169

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The word Tulla - in Irish Tulach - means a round hill. It is recorded that previous to the coming of Saint Mochulla that the Hill was known by the name -Druim Riasc- " the ridge of the marshes." There are marsh lands to the South, west and north of the Hill.

Within two hundred years after the coming of Saint Patrick - about the year 620 - Saint Mochulla came to the Tulach to preach the Gospel. St Mochulla was of noble birth being the son of Dichuille (Diciuil) of the race of Mog-ruth, son of Fergus. He is supposed to have studied under Saint Ailbe of Emly.
When coming to Tulla he was led by a tame hind. Crossing the mountain known as Flagmount to the East of Lough Graney (Loc Gréine) he is said

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