School: Mercy Convent, Cootehill

Cootehill, Co. Cavan
Sr M. Aidan
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1018, Page 179

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1018, Page 179

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  1. Collected by Maura O Connell
    Pondge St
    December 1937
    Riddles (commonly used here)
    1. Where was Moses when the light went out?
    In the dark
    2. Why would ducks not go down Market Street?
    Because there are Drakes on it (people named Drake liver there)
    3. Why do cows refuse to go up Cavan street?
    Because there are Cleggs in it ( Cleggs is a family name)
    4. Why is Market Street like a river?
    Because there are Banks cash side
    5. What is full and still holds none?
    A sponge
    6. What is not worth twopence?
    A penny stamp
    7. Why is the letter M to be pitied?
    Because it is never in luck and always in misery
    8. Twelve little children sitting on a pan a lazy old woman and a hard working man?
    A clock
    9. What is it that has three legs and cannot walk?
    A stool
    10. What is it that can run and has no legs?
    Water running from a tap
    Old cow Brandy standing against the wall
    A fire
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    1. genre
      1. verbal arts (~1,483)
        1. riddles (~7,209)
    Maura O' Connell
    Cootehill, Co. Cavan