School: Killeenkere

Killinkere, Co. Cavan
A. Ó Cléirigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1005, Page 099

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1005, Page 099

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  1. About 90 years ago the Parish Priest of Mullagh bought gates from the Protestant Minister of Killinkere for use at Mullagh Chapel. In some time afterwards a rumour went round that the Protestants had decided to march to Mullagh on a certain Sunday to take the gates.
    On that day all the Catholic men of Mullagh together with large bodies from surrounding parishes assembled to defend their property. Some were armed with pitch forks, others with bill-hooks while a few had guns. They placed themselves on either side of the road leading to Killinkere, from where the attack was expected, lying in wait from early morning till late afternoon, when an old woman arrived with the word that the Orangemen were coming. A few cowards ran away but as the report was false they displayed their cowardice unnecessarily.
    Meanwhile large numbers of Protestants assembled at Beagh, Killinkere
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    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    A. Clarke
    Killinkere, Co. Cavan