School: Knocktemple (B.)

Knockatemple, Co. Cavan
W. Tuite

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0998, Page 217

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Some years ago previous to The Famine there was a Land Agent named Sargent for the Marquis of Headfort. His memory is still hated in the district. He lived in a large house in Eighter which was called Eighter House and Mr Strong’s farm was called Gallonfree Farm Number one and Mr.McMahon’s Farm Number two. He used to evict several Catholic people from their homes and put Protestants living in them.
After that period Father Conaty was the priest of this district and he often told the people to get the fear of Old Blind Sargent out of minds. Sargent was blind for some years before he died. He was buried in Munterconnaught Protestant Graveyard. He had also a brother named Henry who was very cruel also.
The townland of Ryefield was planted with Protestants during his time and then was not a place of importance on the Headfort Estate but was occupied by a Protestant. A good many of these farms have in the course of time,been again occupied by their rightful owners,having been purchased at auction when the “Planter Got Broke” and sold out.