School: Uragh (C.)

Uragh, Co. Cavan
E. Mc Caffrey

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Ben Aughlin

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0969, Page 008

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This mountain lies about 3 miles north East of Swanlinbar, Co. Cavan. It is also known by the name of Benaclin or the mountain of the talking steed. Before the coming of St. Patrick this steed was supposed to talk to people on the night of Samain and the people around brought it presents. The place is said to be the headquarters of Donn Bingha, DeDanaan chief of the Maguire clan Ben or Bin Eaclinn meaning the stables of Donn Bingha. He was supposed to ride a white horse and a tradition exists that in a full battle near the foot of the mountain he will ride out to the assistance of his own people and lead them to victory. Ben Aughlin is said to be the headquarters for the men fairy folk as Slieve na mban is for the women.
There is a nice green mound at the foot of the mountain called "Play-bank" where the fairies are supposed to hold their revels

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