School: Meath Hill (roll number 7166)

Meath Hill, Co. Meath
Patrick J. Connolly

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Local Cures

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0712, Page 192

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Local Cures

In former years when doctors were not so plentiful as they are at the present time people had recourse to herbal treatment and charms, as the cure of disease and a lot of people believe these cures and charms up to the present day. For instance, the whooping-cough the god-father or god-mother of the child is supposed to buy a red ribbon and tie it around the child's neck. For the heart fever, there used to be a man and the person with the fever would go to him on three successive days. He would get a mug and put meal in it and cover it with a cloth, and move it around the person's heart saying some secret prayers at the same time. For the dirty-mouth, the child who never saw its father is said to have the cure. For sore eyes commonly called a stye, the cure is to get nine gooseberry thorns and to move them around the eye for nine mornings throwing one away each morning.
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