School: Meath Hill (roll number 7166)

Meath Hill, Co. Meath
Patrick J. Connolly

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0712, Page 211

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We have a churn at home. It is a dash churn. There are various other kinds of churns namely horse-churns, end over end churns but the dash churn is more common. When the milk is ripe it is put into the churn and the people begin to churn. It takes about half an hour to complete it. If anybody came in they would say "God bless the work" and would take a turn. If you put too much boiling water in it would scald the butter. When it is nearly finished there is some cold water poured in. When it is finished the churn is washed down with cold water. There are different shapes of churns, the dash is wide at the top and narrow at the middle and wide at the bottom. The churn is put together with tin hoops and there is a lid on it also. The butter is lifted by means of a butter cup and the cup is left in the churn.

Esther Tinnelly