School: Meath Hill (roll number 7166)

Meath Hill, Co. Meath
Patrick J. Connolly

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Cures - Cure of Whitlow

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0712, Page 143

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Mr Robert Shakleton (about 82 years) Ardagh, Kingscourt is well known in this part of the country for curing sufferers from Whitlow.
The poultice consists of three herbs known to him by appearance though not by name, one of the herbs grows in his own garden, another is found at the bottom of a ditch (known in this part of the country as grifse) and the third is found in a stubble field. The herbs are boiled until soft and then linseed meal is poured in and boiled again.
The poultice is now applied and never fails to cure.
Mr Shakelton's mother used to make a healing ointment for application when the Whitlow ceased running. The ointment was made with the above herbs and unsalted butter and proved a marvelous healer.

P.J. Connolly