School: Cnoc Bhruis (Mount Bruis) (roll number 15158)

Bruis, Co. Tipperary
M. Ní Chuinneáin

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Cnoc Bhruis (Mount Bruis) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0580, Page 160

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which are pulled on the 24th of June the longest day of the year. We kill a fowl on the eve of St. Martins day the 10th of November and the blood is spilled on the door-step in honour of St. Martin.

Since ancient days the old customs of "Hunting the wren" is carried out in nearby every part of Ireland on St. Stephen's day. From early in the morning until dusk it is pleasant to see the wren boys big and small ones some with face masks in them and others having their faces blackened with soot going from house to house with a bramble of a holly tree decorated with coloured papers and ribbons on their shoulders and singing the following rhyme. "The wren the wren the king

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Johanna Bailey