School: Toames, Maghcromtha (roll number 15478)

Tooms, Co. Cork
Seán de Búrca
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0338, Page 218

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0338, Page 218

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  1. Kilmichael
    Noted Men
    Kilmichael can boast of having produced some great runners from time to time but the runner of whom we hear the most is Pat Warren who was the eldest son of the famous Gaelic singer Dannie Warren of Mountmusic. When the G.A.A. was established in 1884 by Michael Cusack and Dr Croke it was in Kilmichael - in Maurice Dromey's lawn- the first sports meeting in Ireland under the new Rules was held. It was at that meeting " Paddy" Warren ran his first race and a competitor against him on that day was another runner who afterwards became famous namely O Mahony the "Steam Engine" from Roscarbery ( so called because he beat the train in a half mile race). Warren after his debut at Kilmichael won at sports after sports until he became one of the best 1' mile runners in Ireland.
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  2. Murphy "Rahy"
    Another famous runner who lived near Kilmichael in more remote times was Murphy "Rahy" so called. Toisc go raib an rit com maith aige. This "Rahy" was the grandfather of the present William "Rahy" the Engine man. This Murphy was such a noted runner in his time that he was taken by some English gentlemen who were visiting the country to compete in England. At first he had a series of sucesses
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