School: Droichead na Ceathramhna

Bridgecartron or Derrycashel, Co. Roscommon
S. Pléimeann
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0232, Page 348

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0232, Page 348

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    There is sure to be rain when the swallow is seen flying low in the sky. When the robin comes to the door she is a sign of rain. Another sure sign of rain is when the sea-gulls come inland off the sea. Sometimes a crane comes to the River Feorish, which crosses the road leading from Crosna to Ballyfarnon, about a distance of sixty perches from Bridgecartron School. This crane takes a drink out of the river, and then when she rises up again, if she flys south-west, there will be rain, and if she flys north it is a sign of good weather. If a frog is black in colour it is a sign of rain, but if he is yellow it is a sign of good weather.
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