School: Ballyhale (roll number 7914)

Ballyhale, Co. Kilkenny
Eibhlín Ní Shúilleabháin

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Ruined Castles of this District

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0848, Page 080

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The nearest castle ruin to the school is a heap of stones in Power's field about 200 yards to the west of the village. This field is called the castle field and here the ancient castle of Ballyhale once stood.
The last owner or occupier is said to have been a man named Howell or Hoyle. He was put out of his lands in Cromwells time and the new owner did not come to live in the castle so it soon fell into ruin. Up to about thirty-five years ago, to the year of the big storm one gable of the castle was standing but it was knocked in the big wind in the spring of 1904, and soon after many of the stones were removed for building and used as road material
The next field is called The Mill field and here can still be seen the opening where the mill wheel once was. The Mill-house was standing and in fair repair up to about

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