School: Gráig na Gréine (roll number 12819)

Graignagreana, Co. Kerry
Anna Ní Shiocfhradha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0469, Page 063

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0469, Page 063

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  1. There is a road about a quarter of a mile from this place called Gearah Sallagh road. It is going through a hill belonging to Mike Shea and Jim Shea. The names of the places in it are Staighre Mhathgamhain Faill a Brosna, Molach Bán, agus Faill Jackie.
    There is a near way from Bealdarrig to Drigeran. there is a lake there called Lough Fada. There is also a big rock named Carraig an Aifrinn. Long ago Mass was said there when there was five pounds for a priests head.
    A near way is going from Gearah Sallagh to Direen. There is a flag with wrting on it near the path. A lot of people came to see it
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    Mamie O Shea
    Crossderry, Co. Kerry