School: Gníomh go Leith (C.) (roll number 3686)

Gneevgullia, Co. Kerry
Máire, Bean Uí Chróinín
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0451, Page 274

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0451, Page 274

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  1. In the parish of Rathmore a graveyard called the old Chapel is situated. My grandmother Mrs Johanna Cahill, Gneeveguilla informed me last night that it was near this graveyard the old Church was situated long ago before the present Church was built. Canon Walsh had some of the material removed from the old Church, the year 1888 or 89. There is another graveyard in this parish called Nohoval. This is a very holy graveyard, as my grandmother told me that it removed from where it was first situated, somewhere near Ballydesmond to where it is now. It is a very old one and there are a great number of people buried there. It is supposed that it will be soon closed, as it is getting overcrowded.
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    Joan Cahill
    Gneevgullia, Co. Kerry