School: St Anne's, Easkey (roll number 13968)

Easky, Co. Sligo
Cáit Nic Eoin

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Crafts - Lime-Kiln

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0165, Page 132

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Crafts continued
There is a lime-kiln at home. It is used for burning lime. The men who build it dig five or six feet in the ground. When they have it dug deep enough they round it and flag the bottom.

In the bottom of the lime-kiln there is a pooling where the fire is put in. The lime-kiln is built up with stones until it is 3 feet above the ground.
The part above the ground is built with sods, so that it will not fall nor take the air. When men are going to burn lime they go to the shore, and quarry lime-stones, bring them home and break them small. When they have them broken they put them in the kiln.
Then they cart four or five ass carts of turf and chips. Then they fill the kiln half full, with sticks and turf, from that up for every layer of stones, they put a layer of turf,

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Alexander Morrison