School: Na Machairí, Tralee (roll number 16153)

Magharees, Co. Kerry
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0430, Page 068

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0430, Page 068

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  1. The ship "Hebe" 1846 bound for Limerick with a general cargo was wrecked near Leary's island. The crew was saved by climbing ashore on a rope. There was one boy drowned.
    "Poll Hebe" near the Island was called after the ship. Dec 24th 1844 "Sloop Industry" with flour and meal for Tralee was driven ashore at Scart Kilshanig by Donal O'Sullivan the captain from Blenerville. He drove her ashore to give the poor people flour. Tom Scanlan and Maurice McElligot were sent to America to present them giveing information.
    Nov 8th 1850 "Enicheta" of Naples was wrecked near Kilshanig. One of the sailors were drowned and is buried at the north West corner of the graveyard at Kilshanig. The Captain was Messimino Ruggiero.
    Aug 24th 1854 The "Levinton" a large American bank, laden with oak staves and cotten was wrecked beneath Killarney and Brandon strand. Dickman was the captain. The Hull was sold to a Liverpool merchant and towed by a steam tug. On her way to Liverpool she snapped a cable, and overset and sank with two men from Fenit.
    1857 The "Frenchscooner" was wrecked about the same place as the Levington and was sold to a man from Tralee.
    February 2nd 1870 The "Martha" with fish and oil was wrecked at Cara Loco. The captain was James Downey.
    July 29th 1878 The "Alpine Crag" was wrecked at Rín na bFeoir dearg. It drifted into Tralee bay and sank. All hands were saved
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