School: Drom na Coradh (Dromnacurra) (roll number 12744)

Dromnacarra, Co. Kerry
Cathal Máinséal
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0417, Page 202

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0417, Page 202

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  1. In this locality there are three fairy forts and most frequently they are called forts. One of them is situated in Clandries another in Drumnacurra and the other in Meenogahane. They are within view of each other and they are all shaped like a circle.
    The fence round each of them is made of earth and trees. In the middle of the fort there is a hole. People walked through the hole looking for gold but they did not find it. It is not known who built the forts but fairy people are supposed to live in them.
    Some people say it was the Danes that built them. Sometimes the owner of the land ploughs and sows crops where the forts are built. One time a boy dreamt that there was gold in a certain fort and he and his companions were thinking to go in search of it. They had arranged on a certain night to go looking for it. One of the boys carried in a cock to the cave of the fort and left him there. When they were to explore the cave they were to
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