School: Gortnaskeagh (roll number 16321)

Gortnaskeagh, Co. Leitrim
Anna Nic Aodha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0199, Page 199c

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0199, Page 199c

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  1. In the winter I play "Dollog" and lifting a sixpence out of a tub of water, and making bird cradles.
    A bird cradle is made with a lot of long rods. First of all there is a square made out of rods and then there are rods running every way through it. It is set out in the field and a piece of bread in it. When the bird is coming in to it she steps on the rod that holds up the cradle and falls on her.
    Dollog is played by a person who pulls his cap down on his face so that he could not see the rest of the children. He runs after them to see can he catch any of them. Who ever he catches will have to put the cap on him.
    Lifting a sixpence out of a tub of water is played by filling a tub of water and putting a sixpence into it. We try to take it out with our mouth. In Autumn, we go out picking nuts and blackberries. A lot of children gather together some place where there are good ones.
    We play football in summer. When snow comes we go out throwing snow balls at each other. When there is ice we get a stool and push each other down a hill.
    We play "Den" in the summer time. "Den" is played by a lot of children. Two stay in the den and the rest run out. They that stay make up between them whom they may catch.
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    Patrick Kelly
    Gortnaskeagh, Co. Leitrim
    Mr Patrick Kelly
    Gortnaskeagh, Co. Leitrim