School: Gortnaskeagh (roll number 16321)

Gortnaskeagh, Co. Leitrim
Anna Nic Aodha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0199, Page 142

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0199, Page 142

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    who attended it. Each child who wished to get his name enrolled had to pay a certain sum before he could get enrollment. As they had to pay directly for it they mad good use of the knowledge they got.
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  2. On the top of Benbo mountain there is a large lake in which it is said there is a crock of gold hidden. Benbo Mountain is situated in Co. Leitrim in the townland of Gortnaskeagh about three miles from Manorhamilton. It is in Drumlease parish. In olden times men tried to drain it by cutting a drain about four feet wide and six feet long. This drain is plain to be seen yet. When they came within a few yards of the water they saw a monstrous eel coming towards them. The men got afraid and fled leaving their implements behind them.
    It is said that there is both
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    Agnes Loughlin
    Gortnaskeagh, Co. Leitrim
    John Molloy
    Gortnaskeagh, Co. Leitrim